Reforcyl - for that

all-round youthful


Reforcyl is a highly-active agent which helps give you a toned and energised complexion. The formula: jioagulan, the 'immortality herb'; cistus, the western plant of beauty; L-Glutamin, an ingredient that encourages cell growth.

Jioagulan – the 'immortality herb'.

Jioagulan is a powerful antioxidant. It is not simply by chance that this medicinal plant is called the 'anti-ageing plant' in traditional Chinese medicine. It contains 82 different gypenosides, whereas standard ginseng is only known to contain 28. With the help of saponins, this plant activates the skin's own hyaluronan synthesis process. Jioagulan also contains an immune system-stimulating property, stabilises hypersensitive skin and stimulates the synthesis of the epidermis' lipids as well as the skin's natural functions.

Cistus – the western plant of beauty.

Thanks to a symbiosis with the western plant of beauty, the cistus, we were able to utilise a range of polyphenols and flavonoids to provide a high degree of protection against free radicals – one of the main causes of skin ageing.

L-glutamine – the cell energiser

L-glutamine acts as an important energy supplier in our cream and is an important food source for skin cells. This cell energiser strengthens the weakened metabolism found in more mature skin. This unique mix of active ingredients regenerates damaged skin barriers, giving them a new lease of life and increased resilience.