Rovisome HA – a true fountain of youth.

Liposomally-encapsulated sodium hyaluronate (HA) replenishes depleted levels of hyaluronic acids in the skin which occurs as a result of ageing. The lipid barrier helps transport the HA deep into the skin's tissue where it can start working its magic. The lower layers of skin are moisturised, leaving wrinkles looking visibly smoother and skin more toned, thus effectively combating the formation of wrinkles and helping your skin retain its elasticity. 

Ecotin – our formula's energy booster.

Ecotin, a natural and scientifically-revolutionary ingredient, is very effective at strengthening cells. It increases the skin's natural immunity, effectively retains moisture and has a highly regenerative effect. 

Pentavitin - the moisture magnet.

When combined with pentavitin, the skin's structure, as well as its moisture and protective barriers, is improved significantly. Pentavitin's moisture-retention properties bind liquid to the skin just like a magnet, ensuring optimal regulation of skin moisture levels. 

Vitamin E oil and shea butter

For optimal moisture levels.

This effective combination of vitamin E oil and shea butter prevents dry skin and helps regulate your skin's moisture levels, both nourishing and calming your skin at the same time – and without causing shine!