includes the scent

of youthful beauty.

'mourirpourhenry's unique scents are exclusively developed with the assistance of Venice's last remaining perfumer. Exotic fragrances and hints of oriental style began filling the bustling streets of the lagoon city of Venice as early as the 16th century. It was here that the unique scent of the eternal dream – that of youthful beauty – was perfected. 'mourirpourhenry' – anti-ageing at its finest.

An elegant daytime fragrance.

'mourirpourhenry' – day cream. A delicate bouquet of white figs enveloped in a fruity, green infusion with essence of olea fragrance, all underscored by a foundation of rich, exquisite resins. A gentle, sensual fragrance with a sweet and refreshing undertone. As elegant as 'mourirpourhenry'.

      'Fragrances are like love: their creation is a mystery, their composition unique – their ability to satisfy limitless.'

A gentle night-time fragrance.

'mourirpourhenry' – night cream. A fresh, floral fragrance composed of lilies and freesias infused with stimulating, fruity hints of mandarin and papaya. Uplifting notes of sandalwood and musk complete the aroma of this feminine night-time fragrance. As delicate as 'mourirpourhenry'.

      'A fragrance is like a dream that slowly evaporates. What remains is the essence of its beauty.'