The active ingredients

for daytime.

Edelweiss – a natural protective barrier.

Edelweiss, in its highly-concentrated form, delivers an enormous level of protection against free radicals – and thus fights oxidative stress. This is not least because of the barren conditions in which it grows in the highlands of the Swiss Alps.

Borage oil – for optimal pH levels.

Borage oil is the main source of natural gamma linolenic acids. The ageing process causes a visible decrease in this crucial enzyme. The result: the steady onset of the signs of ageing. With refined borage oil, the skin is given a rich supply of gamma linolenic acids which restores the pH value to an optimal level.

Sweet almond oil – for quick absorption and a smooth finish.

The sweet almond is an old medicinal plant from China and its cosmetic roots can be traced back to the Indian teachings of ayurvedic medicine. It ensures the cream is absorbed rapidly and is particularly good at providing moisture and nourishing the skin. You will feel your skin become firmer and smoother.