night cream.

mourirpourhenry night cream is a water-in-oil emulsion – for that long-lasting feeling of well-nourished skin. Thanks to a unique active ingredient composition, this cream's rich texture penetrates deep into your skin. The ingredients start to work their magic as you sleep.

It ensures your skin retains its moisture whilst the nourishing and toning effects can optimally get to work in the lower layers of your skin, providing an endless source of regeneration. Your skin becomes firmer, your complexion evened out and the ravages of time visibly reduced. Ready for bed! Anti-ageing at its finest.


The 5-stage anti-ageing effect – night time:

The perfect combination of active ingredients, cells and micro-organisms visibly reduce the unwanted signs of ageing, night after night.

The power of nature: broccoli seed and sweet almond oil for a glowing and smooth complexion; silk proteins for a delicate protective shield; cuckoo flower, strengthens your skin from the inside out.

  • Rovisome HA – a fountain of youth for your skin.
  • Ecotin – our formula's energy booster.
  • Reforcyl – for firm, energised skin. The formula: jioagulan, the 'immortality herb'; cistus, the western plant of beauty; L-Glutamin, an ingredient that encourages cell growth.
  • Pentavitin – a hydrating agent.

Your skin looks and feels firmer, smoother, well-nourished and more elastic. A unique formula that fights the natural signs of ageing. Anti-ageing at its finest.


How to apply the night cream.

Apply in the evening before going to bed: take a hazelnut-sized amount of the cream and gently massage it into clean skin in a circular motion using the tips of your fingers. This will stimulate blood flow to the area, creating heat which subsequently causes the skin's pores to open. The active ingredients will be able to penetrate deep into the lower layers of the skin where they can get to work using their magical 5-stage effect. Anti-ageing at its finest.