day cream.

mourirpourhenry day cream is an oil-in-water emulsion, making it particularly light and soft to the touch. Its fine texture is absorbed quickly by the skin, leaving behind a delightful cooling sensation. As soon as you apply it, the cream gets to work tightening and nourishing your skin. Your skin becomes firmer and replenished with just the right amount of moisture. The result: a clear, fresh complexion and visibly smoother skin, leaving you with a youthful glow. The perfect base for the application of make-up and powder. Let the day begin! Anti-ageing at its finest.

The 5-stage anti-ageing effect – daytime.

The revolutionary active ingredient compound helps create visibly younger skin by rejuvenating it both inside and out – day after day.

  • The power of nature: edelweiss, which offers a delicate protective shield against the elements; borage oil and almond oil provide moisture and help smooth out the skin.
  • Rovisome HA – a fountain of youth for your skin.
  • Ecotin – our formula's energy booster.
  • Reforcyl – for firm, energised skin. The formula: jioagulan, the 'immortality herb'; cistus, the western plant of beauty; L-Glutamin, an ingredient that encourages cell growth.
  • Pentavitin – a hydrating agent.


The unique ingredient composition of this cream's highly-complimentary active properties increases the skin's moisture barrier and provides optimal protection against oxidative stress created by free radicals. Damage caused by the elements, UV light, a lack of sleep or an excessive lifestyle take their toll on our skin. mourirpourhenry helps your skin fight back. Anti-ageing at its finest. Day after day.

How to apply the day cream.

In the morning after a shower: take a hazelnut-sized amount of the cream and gently massage it into clean skin in a circular motion using the tips of your fingers. This will stimulate blood flow to the area, creating heat which subsequently causes the skin's pores to open. The active ingredients will be able to penetrate deep into the lower layers of the skin where they can get to work using their magical 5-stage effect. Anti-ageing at its finest.