The desire to

stop time.

'Once upon a time people had a glorious dream – that they could possess the magical ability to stop the infinite flow of time. To turn it into honey and watch its sweet nectar flow languidly. To build a sturdy wall in its path that would dam the waters of time. To turn it into a lake with its still waters absent of any ripple of a wave. At the end of the dream time began to trickle away. The tides of time stood motionless, forming a mirror in which every woman could see her true self in all its beauty.'

For us, this dream was impossible to forget. It became an obsession. Using all our knowledge, we pursued this desire – the wish to stop time. To preserve beauty and make it last forever. And that is just what we did. As history has seen so many women prepared to sell their souls, or even offer up their lives, for such a gift, we decided to call our elixir 'mourirpourhenry'. All of us 'die for Henry' in order to achieve long-lasting beauty and to stop time. Today mourirpourhenry brings the women of this world one step closer to the gift of eternal youth. 'mourirpourhenry' – anti-ageing at its finest.